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Therapeutic Massage
Swedish and Deep Tissue

Therapeutic massage can include elements of Swedish, deep tissue, or a mixture of both modalities during your session.  Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, incorporating specific movements by the therapist to warm and loosen tense muscles.  If you have never had a massage before, this is the best place to start.  As you become more familiar with the massage, you may wish to ask for more pressure during your massage, based on your comfort level, that targets specific areas of stress and tension.  This deeper pressure is called deep tissue massage. Book Now!


Athletic (Sports) Massage
Pre-event preparation
Post-event recovery

If you are expecting the typical massage, you may wish to discuss this modality with Stuart before receiving it – it is not the typical massage, as it could involve several quick and invigorating movements that are not designed to relax, but designed to prepare for or recover from athletic events.

Although grouped together as athletic massages, the pre-event and post-event sports massages are very different.  Often clients will confuse athletic (sports) massage modalities with deep tissue.  True sports massages are not deep tissue massages.  A pre-event athletic massage involves very specific, high-friction, quick strokes on the muscles specific to the athletic event.  Stuart may use some elements of Russian massage therapy in his pre-event athletic massages, which are a set of very specific prescribed strokes per muscle group on the body.  For post-event massages, the muscles used during the event are often sore and often injured.  As a result, a post-event recorvery massage is primarily to relax, warm, and release the toxins built up by the event. Book Now!


Relaxation Massage

If you are not a fan of deep muscle manipulation, and are looking to get lost in the bliss of a relaxing rub-down, this may be your best choice.  A relaxation massage may include aromas, heat, or very slow movements to help you relax and meditate during your session.  Book Now!